Gary Birnberg (United States of America - Brazilian permanent residence)

- Certified Arbitrator and Mediator specializing in international business cases;

- Part of the list of Arbitrators / Mediators of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), Center de Méditation et d'Arbitrage de Paris (CMAP, the CCI dispute settlement center, Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie, Paris), Centro Brasileiro de Mediação e Arbitragem (CBMA), International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), Financial Industry Regulatory Agency;

- Lawyer admitted to the US jurisdictions of the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Minnesota and New York;

- Speaker, including FENALAW 2013 in São Paulo;

- 25 years of experience in business and international consulting, independently and in global consultancy Olivier Wyman, based in Brazil, USA and France;

- Member of several professional organizations and societies, including the International Bar Association where he serves as the Corporate Liaison Office on the mediation committee;

- Juris Doctor of Boston University School of Law;


- B.A in International Relations, University of Pennsylvania;

- Languages ​​- French, English, Italian and Portuguese.


Ignacio Arroyo Martinez (Spain)
- Graduated in Law from the University of Deusto (LL.B., 1970);
- PhD in Law from the University of Bologna, Italy (1972);
- Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1975);
- Member of the International Maritime Committee - International Law Association - ILA, Union of International Association - UIA, International Bar Association - IBA.
- President of the Spanish Association of Maritime Law
- Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Barcelona
- Publications: "Maritime Law Course, 2005", "Air Law Course, 2006", "Yearbook of Maritime Law (Xxiii), 2006", "I National Congress of Commercial Law Twenty Years of Spain In the European Union: Balance And Perspectives, 2007 ", General Editor, Yearbook Maritime Law, 1991.
- Languages - Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Italian.


Jean-Louis Ducharne (France)
- Lawyer - Paris Bar Association, Member of the Hertzog Office, Zibi & Associés- Dacheng Law Office France
- Graduated in Law, University of Aix-en-Provence, France
- Graduated C.A.P.A., Institute for Judicial Studies, Aix-en-Provence, France
- Master in Maritime and Transport Law (DESS), University of Aix-en-Provence, France
- Master in International Trade Litigation, University of Paris XII (UPEC)
- Doctorate in Maritime Law, University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne
- Member of the Mediterranean Institute of Maritime Transport
- It is part of the list of arbitrators, International section, of the Commercial Arbitration Center of the Commercial Arbitration Institute, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Porto (Portugal)
- Languages - French, English, Portuguese.


Jonathan Ruillé (France) 

- Doctor of Management Sciences, University of Nantes 
- Post-PhD Research Program ERC HUMAN SEA and University of Nantes
- Expert in high reliability organizations
- Master in Risk Management (Security, Safety, Health & Environment)
- Member of the Laboratory of Economics and Management Nantes Atlantique (LEMNA), University of Nantes
- Member of the Center of Maritime and Oceanic Law (CDMO), University of Nantes
- Languages: French, English and Romanian


Juan Luis Pulido Begines (Spain)
- Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Cadiz.
- Technical Director of the Master in Management and Maritime-Port Administration, Universidad de Cádiz, from 2001 to September 2011.
- Member of the Board of Directors of the Journal of Transport Law; Member of the External Evaluation Council of the Business Law magazine; Permanent collaborator of Le Droit Maritime Français, in charge of the Chronique de jurisprudence espagnole (section: Droit Maritime Étranger); Member of the Scientific and Review Committee of the magazine Diritto dei Trasporti; Member of the Scientific Committee of the magazine Anuario de Derecho Marítimo.
- Publications: Maritime Towing Contracts, ed., J.M. Bosch Editor, Barcelona, ​​1996; The right of information of the partner in the limited liability company, ed., Civitas, Madrid, 1997; The right of information of the shareholder, ed., Tecnos, Madrid, 1998; Land freight insurance and third-party liability insurance, ed. J.M. Bosch Editor, Barcelona, ​​2001; Breakdowns and Accidents of Maritime and Air Navigation, ed. Marcial Pons Editor, Madrid, 2003; The liability towards third parties of classification societies of ships, ed. Central Service of Publications of the Basque Government, Vitoria, 2006; Institutions of Maritime Law, ed., Tecnos, Madrid, 2009; The concept of effective carrier in the uniform law of transport, ed. Marcial Pons Legal and Social Editions, Madrid, 2012; And The Incomplete Transition, ed. Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2012.


Larry W. Thomas (United States of America)
- Lawyer at Thomas Law Firm (a board of attorneys practicing law in New York, Washington, DC, and Virginia.) Admitted by the court pro hac vice to represent clients in lawsuits in many other jurisdictions in the United States, including California, Delaware , Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, as well as the Virgin Islands.
- Professor of international law and international law policy at George Washington University, Washington, DC.
- Former Associate Professor at the United States Naval Academy.
- Juris Doctor degree cum laude from the Faculty of Law of George Washington University, Washington, DC.
- Former member of the Board of Editors of the George Washington International Law Review, formerly known as the George Washington Journal of International Law & Economics.
- Ph.D. from University Charlottesville, Virginia. Dissertation entitled International Judicial Politics: The Evolution of Dispute Resolution under the North American Free Trade Agreement.
- Former officer in the US Air Force
- Member of the American Bar Association, American Society of International Law, New York Bar, District of Columbia Bar, Virginia State Bar, and Washington Foreign Law Society.
- Experience in arbitration at the International Chamber of Commerce, the American Arbitration Association, the Refined Sugar Association of London, and others.
- Languages: English and Portuguese.



Norman Augusto Martínez Gutiérrez (Honduras)
- Lawyer in Honduras.
- Master in International Maritime Law (LL.M) by IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) - Malta.
- PhD in Philosophy in International Maritime Law (Ph.D) by IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) - Malta.
- Professor at IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) - Malta.
- Publications: Martínez Gutiérrez, Norman A., Limitation of Liability in International Maritime Conventions: The Relationship between Global Limitation Conventions and Particular Liability Regimes, Routledge, London / New York, 2011, pp. 412. Martínez Gutiérrez, Norman A. (Ed.), Serving the Rule of International Maritime Law: Essays in Honor of Professor David Joseph Attard, Routledge, London / New York, 2010, pp. 404. Martínez Gutiérrez, Norman A. (Ed.), Serving the Rule of International Law: Essays in Honor of Professor David Joseph Attard, Mare Nostrum Publications, Msida, 2009, pp. 247. Martínez Gutiérrez, Norman A., "Fuels Convention and Limitation of Liability", in José Luis García-Pita y Lastres, and María Rocío Quintáns Eiras and Angélica Díaz de la Rosa (Eds), Studies in Maritime Law, Thomson Reuters / Editorial Aranzadi, Pamplona (Navarra), 2012, pp. 839-861.Pavliha, Marko and Martínez Gutiérrez, Norman A., "Marine Scientific Research and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea", in Rothwell, Donald R (Ed.), Law of the Sea, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, 2013, pp. 623-641.
- Member of the Editorial Board of Benedict's Maritime Bulletin, United States of America.
- Member of the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) Roster of Experts
- Languages: Spanish, English and Italian


Philippe Delebecque (France)
- Professor at the Université de Paris-I (Panthéon-Sorbonne)
- Professor of the Université de La Réunion (1983-1986)
- Professeur of the Université d'Aix-Marseille III
- Member of the Academy of the Navy (France)
- President of the Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris
- President of the French Air and Space Law Society
- Vice-President of the French Association of Maritime Law
- Administrator of the Mediterranean Institute of Maritime Transport
- World Bank Expert
- Expert of the International Maritime Organization - IMO
- Expert of the National Council of Trasnportes (France)
- Expert of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (CNUDCI - Transport law)
- Arbitrator (Paris arbitral tribunal, Paris arbitral tribunal);
CCI; Association Française d'Arbitrage - AFA)
- Former member of the Governing Council of the World Maritime University (Malmoë)

- Languages: French, English










Alessander Lopes Pinto
- Lawyer, member of the Brazilian Bar Association, branch of Rio de Janeiro.
- Graduated in 1999, by Gama Filho University.
- Graduate in Business Law from Fundação Getulio Vargas - FGV.
- Specialized in Maritime and Port Regulatory Law and Business Law.
- Acted as a lawyer contracted with ANTAQ - National Agency of Waterway Transportation, from 2002 to 2005.
- Member of the Brazilian Association of Maritime Law - ABDM.
- Member of the Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law - IIDM.


Andrea Maia
- Lawyer, Mediator and partner of FindResolution, a company specialized in prevention, evaluation and alternative resolution of conflicts, focusing on projects in the Commercial and Corporate areas,
- 20 years working in the Legal area, with emphasis on corporate law and negotiation of national and international aviation contracts,
- Representative in South America of the International Bar Association (IBA) Mediation Committee,
- Co-coordinator of the Brazilian Council of the International Mediation Institute (IMI),
- Columnist of the Kluwer Mediation Blog,
- Integrates the list of mediators of the Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA) and the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR),
- Graduate in Business Law from IAG MASTER - PUC in Rio de Janeiro,
- Fluent in English.


Bernardo Mendes Vianna
- Partner lawyer at the Vieira Rezende office
- Bachelor of Laws from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
- Course of Continuing Education in Maritime Law by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV of Rio de Janeiro
- Postgraduate in Public International Law by AVM Faculdade Integrada
- Member of the American and French Chambers of Commerce, where he has served as Coordinator of the Juridical Committee since 2011
- Member of the Ibero-American Institute of Maritime Law
- Member of the International Association of Lawyers - IBA
- Member of the Brazilian Association of Maritime Law and the International Union of Lawyers
- Member of the KINCAID office - Mendes Vianna Advogados Associados (1996 - 2012), where he coordinated the Maritime Law sector.
- Fluent in English and French.


Carlos Eduardo Motta
- Admiral, Lawyer and Engineer.
- Graduated in Naval Sciences from the Naval School in Rio de Janeiro.
- Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Pará.
- Master and PhD in Naval Sciences, graduated by the Naval War School (approved with the mention of outstanding participation).
- Course of High Studies of Politics and Strategy, carried out in the Superior School of War.
- Graduated in Law from Faculdade "FARIAS BRITO", in Fortaleza.
- Oil and Gas Law, held at FGV.
- Postgraduate in Maritime and Port Law, underway at UNISANTOS.
- Head of the Brazilian Delegation to the Inter-American Defense Board, Washington, D.C., Multilateral Organization of the Organization of American States (OAS). (2001-2003)
- Advisor to the Brazilian Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the OAS, on Hemispheric Security matters. (2001-2003)
- Member of the Delegation of Brazil that participated in the Meetings of the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) held at OAS headquarters. (2002)
- Representative of the Ministry of Defense for the first preparatory meeting for the Special Conference on Hemispheric Security held at the OAS. (2001)
- Chief of the Brazilian General Staff, participated in the Planning Meeting of Operation "Unitas" in San Juan, Puerto Rico, together with the United States Navy. (1993)
- Was at the orders of "The Royal Yacht Britannia", warship of the English Navy reserved for "Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family." (1990)


Cláudio A. Pinho
- Lawyer with work in the areas of constitutional, economic and tax law.
- Partner of Araújo Pinho Advogados Associados.
- Associate Professor of the Dom Cabral Foundation in the areas of Constitutional Law, Energy Law, Oil and Gas Mining.
- Master in Economic Law from UFMG.
- Former Vice President of the Oil and Gas Production and Exploration Committee of the American Bar Association in the United States (2001-2002).
- Member of the Constitutional Studies Committee of the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association (2002-2004 and 2004-2006 and 2007-2009).
- Member of the Standing Committee on Constitutional Law of the Brazilian Lawyers Institute (2010-2013).
- Counselor of the Inter-American Bar Association (2009-2013).
- Vice-President of the Constitutional Law Committee of the Inter-American Bar Association (2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013).
- Member of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum - IBP (2010-).
- Visiting Professor at the following Universities: George Washington University, Washington / DC, USA (2008 and 2012); Duquesne University School of Law (2010 and 2011); Lone Star College, Woodlands / TX, USA (2012); Organization of American States, Washington / DC (2011); Yuntech - National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, R.O.C (Taiwan) (2012); Mingdao University, Mingdao, R.O.C (Taiwan) (2012); Taiwan Tech - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, R.O.C (Taiwan) (2012)
- Author of several articles and books including Book: Pre-Salt - History, Doctrine and commentaries to the laws


Gerson Luis Lima Ramos
- Lawyer
- Merchant Navy Officer (former Commander), Officer R2 of the Brazilian Navy
- Master in International Law from the Catholic University of Santos
- Specialist in Maritime, Port and Customs Law by the Catholic University of Santos
- Specialist in Maritime Business Law from Monte Serrat University, Santos
- Specialist in Civil Procedure from Anhanguera University
- Professor and Coordinator of Ports of UNIMONTE - Monte Serrat University Center (Higher Technological Degree in Foreign Trade, Logistics and Port Management)
- Professor of Maritime Law at UNIMONTE
- Invited Professor at the Postgraduate Courses at the Maritime and Port Law and at the distance (EAD) of the Catholic University of Santos and the Faculty of Law of Vitória
- More than 25 years of experience in the maritime, port and customs areas, having held various positions in Shipping Agencies and Maritime Companies and Manufacturers, such as Libra - Cia Libra de Navegação, Lloyd Brasileiro, DoceNave (Vale), Companhia Brasileira de Offshore (CBO), Pennant Port Operators, Maritime Agency Laurits Lachmann and Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) - in this last one, he held the positions of Logistics Manager, Equipment Control Manager (EQC) and Ship Planner Coordinator.
- Member of the Maritime, Port and Customs Law Commission of OAB / SP - Subsection of Santos (2012)
- Member of the Maritime Law Commission, OAB / SP - Subsection of Santos (2013)
- Member of the Brazilian Association of Maritime Law - ABDM (since 2011)
- Member of the Brazilian Academy of Maritime Law (since 2011).
- Languages: English and Italian


Marcelo Neri
- Graduated in International Trade
- Postgraduate - MBA - FGV in Business Management with Emphasis in International Business
- Specialization at UCI-University of California Irvine
- Specialization in Chinese University of Hong Kong
- Graduated from ASBA (Association of Ship Brokers and Agents - New York) in Chartering of Ships; 'Personal and Professional Coach'
- Experience in marine disputes; Trainings and courses abroad on Maritime Chartering, Arbitrage and Maritime Agency
- Extensive knowledge of the practices and extensive experience in port management
- Has been working for more than twenty-two years providing advice to companies related to the Port of Santos in the area of ​​Maritime Agency, Port Operation and Chartering of Ships
- Entrepreneur of the sector in Santos as Managing Partner of Alphamar Agência Marítima
- Current President of SINDAMAR - Union of Maritime Navigation Agencies of the State of São Paulo
- Member of SOAMAR;
- Operates in the management of all administrative, operational and commercial procedures in the 'shipping' segment in the'Tramp' market.


Marcelo Obregon
- Doctorate in Law from the Faculty of Law of Vitória - FDV
- Master in International and Community Law by PUC-MG
- Specialization in International Politics by the Sociology and Politics Foundation of São Paulo
- Graduation in law from the Federal University of Espírito Santo - UFES
- Professor of Public and Private International Law of the Faculty of Law of Vitória -FDV
- Professor of Maritime and Port Law at the Graduate and Postgraduate Course of the Faculty of Law of Vitória - FDV
- Academic Coordinator of the Postgraduate Course in Maritime and Port Law of the Faculty of Law of Vitória - FDV
- Languages - Portuguese, Spanish, English


Matusalém Gonçalves Pimenta

-PhD in International Environmental Law - UNISANTOS
-Master in International Law - UNISANTOS / SP
-Pros graduated in Notarial and Registral Law - UNIFAMMA / PR
-Pros-graduated in Civil Procedural Law - UCAM / RJ
-Pros graduated in Nautical Sciences - CIAGA / RJ
-Bachelor in Law - UGF / RJ
-Bacharel in Letters, specializing in Greek Language and Related Literatures - UERJ
-Bachelor in Nautical Sciences - CIAGA / RJ
-Professor of Maritime and Port Law - UERJ, UNIGRANRIO, UNISANTOS / SP and UNINASSAU / PE
-Feature Professor of Maritime Law - CIAGA / RJ
Speaker at Congresses and Universities
-President of the Maritime and Port Law Commission of OAB / Barra da Tijuca
Member of the Brazilian Association of Maritime Law - ABDM
-Practic of the Ports of the State of Rio de Janeiro since 1986
Member of the examining board of the National Competition for Practicing - 2008/2009, 2010/2011 and 2013
- Awarded the Navy Friend Medal - 2009
-Author of several articles in specialized magazines in the area of ​​Maritime Law and Civil Liability
-Author of the following works: Maritime Process: Formality and Procedure. 2nd ed. Rev. Ampl. Barueri: Manole, 2013; Maritime Process: Formalities and Procedure. Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris, 2010; Notary and Registration Law: Controversial Issues. São Paulo: BH Ed., 2010; Practical Liability. Buenos Aires: CCUOMM, 2009; Practical Liability. Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris, 2007


Osvaldo Agripino de Castro Junior
- Lawyer registered in OAB / SC and RJ
- Professor of the Master's and Doctoral Program in Legal Science of UNIVALI
- Coordinates the Research Group on Regulating Infrastructure and Juridicality of Port Activity (CNPq) with emphasis on issues of high legal, political and economic complexity involving logistics, waterway transportation, ports, inland waterways, cabotage, shipbuilding, customs control and GATS (WTO)
- Graduated in Nautical Sciences (Ciaga, 1983) and Law (UERJ, 1992)
- Master in Constitutional Law (PUC / RJ / 1996)
- PhD in International Law (UFSC, 2001)
- Visiting Scholar at Stanford Law School (2000)
- Post-Doctorate at KSG, Harvard University / 2008 (both with CAPES scholarship)
- Pilot of merchant ships (83/87), traveled to 25 countries as crew of Transpetro, Vale do Rio Doce, Libra, Frota Oceânica and Paulista. He has operated in 65 ports and knows 35 others. He is a guest lecturer at the International Maritime Law Institute (IMO / ONU / Malta), UFSC, FGV / Rio, Unisantos, FDV-Vitória, FMN-Recife and PUC / SP.
- Lecturer at universities in the USA, Malta, Macau, China, Hungary, FIESP and Maritime Court, among others
- Member of the Sectorial Chamber of the Port of Itajaí (2003-2009) and the Institute of Lawyers of Brazil (IAB), since 1998, and the IIDM-Brazil, where he received the Raviña-Goni Prize (2nd place- 2011) in Panama And Marine Friend Medal (2007).
- Author and organizer of 17 books and 95 articles / chapters, and the 1st Brazilian Congress of OAB Commissions on Maritime, Port and Customs Law (2012)
- Co-founder of the National Forum of State Secretaries of the Naval Industry, Ports and Related Activities (2011-13)
- Consultant, appraiser in Maritime, Port, Customs and Regulatory Law, and expert witness in arbitration.


Wellington Beckman
- Master of Law School of Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV / Rio - 2012
- Postgraduate degree from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV / Rio in Business Law with a concentration in Contracts and Maritime Law - 2010.
- Postgraduate degree from the Federal Fluminense University - UFF in Public Administration Law - 2003.
- Bachelor of Laws by UGF - Universidade Gama Filho - 1994
- Bachelor of Marine Sciences from EFOMM - Merchant Marine Officers Training School (CIABA) - 1982
- Chief of Legal Counsel of the Health Board - DIRSA - Directorate of Health of the Aeronautics Command - 2005/2012.
- Legal Adviser of Metalnave S / A shipping company - 2000 to 2004
- Professor of the Postgraduate Course in Maritime Transport Management and Port Activities - 2013, to date. University UNIGRANRIO
- Professor of Post-Graduation in International Business Management and MBA in Corporate Law - 2012 to date. Sustentare Business School - Joinville / SC
- Professor of the Postgraduate Course in Maritime, Port and Oil Law - 2011 to date. Faculdade Mauricio de Nassau - Recife / PE
- Professor of Post-Graduation in Port Management - 2008 to date. Faculty of Medicine - St. Louis / MA
- Professor of Maritime Law and Maritime Contracts - 2006 to date. FEMAR - Foundation for Sea Studies


Wilson Roque
-Doctor (Ph.D.) in International Business Administration - Summa Cum Laude. Middleham University, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 2005
- M.B.A. In Administration and Marketing - Summa Cum Laude. Middleham University, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, 2003
- Graduated in Port Operations and Management of Shipping Companies, University of Wales, Institute of Technology and British Transport Staff College. Marinha do Brasil - International Maritime Organization, United Kingdom, 1972
- Graduated in Business Administration of Navigation. Foundation of Studies of the Sea Rio de Janeiro, 1971
- 2nd Officer of Nautical and 2nd Lieutenant of the Navy of Brazil. Bachelor in Nautical Sciences. Officers Training School - Ministry of the Navy Rio de Janeiro - 1963-1966
- Professor of "International Transport" at the Institute of Administration and Management, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.
- Professor of "International Transports" at the Graduate School of Economics, Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro.
- Lecturer in courses of the Training Division of Brazilian Petroleum S.A. - Petrobrás, Rio de Janeiro.
- Lecturer in professional courses of the Board of Ports and Coasts - Ministry of the Navy, Rio de Janeiro.
- Professor of "Maritime Transport Technique" at the Almirante Graça Aranha Instruction Center, Navy Command, Rio de Janeiro.
- Aspirant, Officer and Commander in various types of ships. Navy of Brazil / Merchant Navy of Brazil - 1963 - 1985
- Managing Director of W.Roque Logística Internacional Ltda. Itajaí, SC.
- Director of Operations at Transroll Navegação, S.A. - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - 1986 - 1988
- Regional Sales Manager, São Paulo at Crowley American Transport, Inc. - São Paulo, SP - 1989-1991
- Director, Sales & Marketing, South America at Crowley American Transport, Inc. - Rio de Janeiro, RJ - 1991-1995
- Regional Manager - Paraná / Sta.Catarina / R.G. Of the South in Hamburg Süd Brazil - 2005 to 2009
- Vice President & General Manager, Venezuela and Caribbean Islands at Hamburg Süd North America, Inc. - Jacksonville, FL - 1996 to 2005
-Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.